Thanks Kevin- the choice of where I stand is now clear.

greens_election_v1B_largeNow that there are just two major political parties in Australia (Labor/Liberal/Nationals and The Greens), it’s time to choose. Do you believe in xenophobic, racist, hateful, cruel policies towards lawful asylum seekers, or do you believe in compassionate, rational policies that treat lawful asylum seekers the way we would like to be treated?
Do you believe in a political party that promotes blind allegiance to outdated principles, authoritarian leadership, policy with a use-by date of the next election, and naked ambition to win government (not to mention party leadership) at ANY cost, or do you believe in a party that has its fair share of robust discussion but works collaboratively and openly towards policies that are morally and ethically sound with a vision far beyond our lifetimes?
I choose the latter, and I’ll be voting Greens. For the first time ever, I’m also joining the party, and I’ll be pamphletting for them.
Ironically, they have Kevin Rudd to thank for that.